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In-house training for teams


Sustainable Coding

How to write maintainable code - hard and soft skills + practices for developers.

  • Descriptive naming techniques
  • Sustainable coding rules
  • Design principles
  • Error and exception management
  • Effective refactoring
  • Intro to testing and TDD (Test-driven Development)
  • Communication skills, team work skills
  • Pair and mob programming

Advanced Refactoring

Master productive refactoring to maximise return on investment.

  • Advantages of refactoring
  • Most cost-effective refactoring
  • Narrow Change and Parallel Change
  • Automation with IntelliJ, Rider or Visual Studio
  • Automatic refactor combinations
  • Legacy code refactoring

Specification by Example with BDD

Behaviour-Driven Development is a technique for producing better product requirements.

  • Distinguishing between problem and solution
  • Specification workshops - the three amigos
  • Scenarios and example mapping
  • Introduction to scenario automation
  • Intro to Cucumber

Advanced TDD

The tools you need to apply TDD in the real world on any project.

  • Integration testing
  • Outside-in TDD
  • Double tests (mock objects)
  • Property-based testing
  • Intro to hexagonal architecture
  • Intro to DDD

Online Courses

Sustainable Testing

Testing, TDD, and Software Design created by and for developers.

  • Develop a testing library from scratch.
  • Write effective tests that validate business rules.
  • Program simple and testable code.
  • Distinguish between a strict mock and a spy.
  • Apply TDD to reduce accidental complexity.
  • Write quality code thanks to practice, through katas and exercises.

Sustainable Design

Software Engineering and Craftsmanship with TypeScript.

  • Fundamental Principle for Software Design.
  • Strategies for Writing Effective Tests.
  • Techniques for Writing Descriptive Names.
  • Design of Cohesive Functions, with a Well-Defined Responsibility.
  • Balance Between Optimization and Readability.
  • The Relevance of Formatting and Comments in Code.
  • Understanding SOLID Principles.
  • Hexagonal Architecture, how to Structure Modular and Sustainable Code.
  • Fundamental Rules for Writing Simple and Easy-to-Maintain Code.

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