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March 30 and 31 in Spanish
Madrid preview


April 19 and 20 in Spanish
San Francisco Bay Area preview

San Francisco Bay Area

May 18 and 19 in English
Chicago preview


May 25 and 26 in English

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In-house training for teams


Sustainable Coding

How to write maintainable code - hard and soft skills + practices for developers.

  • Descriptive naming techniques
  • Sustainable coding rules
  • Design principles
  • Error and exception management
  • Effective refactoring
  • Intro to testing and TDD (Test-driven Development)
  • Communication skills, team work skills
  • Pair and mob programming

Advanced Refactoring

Master productive refactoring to maximise return on investment.

  • Advantages of refactoring
  • Most cost-effective refactoring
  • Narrow Change and Parallel Change
  • Automation with IntelliJ, Rider or Visual Studio
  • Automatic refactor combinations
  • Legacy code refactoring

Specification by Example con BDD

Behaviour-Driven Development is a technique for producing better product requirements.

  • Distinguishing between problem and solution
  • Specification workshops - the three amigos
  • Scenarios and example mapping
  • Introduction to scenario automation
  • Intro to Cucumber

Advanced TDD

The tools you need to apply TDD in the real world on any project.

  • Integration testing
  • Outside-in TDD
  • Double tests (mock objects)
  • Property-based testing
  • Intro to hexagonal architecture
  • Intro to DDD

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