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altMBA was a milestone in my career

Five weeks ago I started an online program called altMBA, aiming to get better at sales, marketing, management… aiming to level up my CEO skills. As a developer I felt I needed to enrol in a MBA to complement my studies but I didn’t want to spend several years on a traditional MBA. I’ve been running my own companies for over a decade, learning the hard way, making mistakes. At this time I felt that a traditional MBA wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

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Answers to your questions on TDD and testing

I published my humble book on TDD in Spanish nine years ago. I started writing it around this time, ten years ago. I definitely want to publish an updated revision of the book fixing the many mistakes I made into it, using examples that are more concise and even using JavaScript for some of them rather than C#.

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How is it like to work at Lean Mind

We all look for a rewarding job, although we have different definitions of what that means. For me, the most rewarding job I’ve been in so far is the one I’m in right now and I’d like to share why I feel this way when working with this great team.

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Deno is the new Node?

About 3 months ago, Ryan Dahl (the inventor of Node.js) gave a talk in JSConf called “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”, were he regrets several design decisions he took over Node.js. About during the half of his talk, he showed us an experimental prototype called Deno that aimed to fix Node.js problems.

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Testing RxJS Observables with Marble Diagrams

Testing RxJS might be a hard task, specially when we have a complex pipeline with lots of time assertions. In this article we’ll explore how can we make these tests easier to reason about using Marble Diagrams, but first:

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Test Driven Development from inside

What follows is a small summary of three great days at the #Leanmind offices in the ITER (Instituto de Tecnología y Energías Renovables) at Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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