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Actual quotes from the team you will be working in

Yes 👌 and there is EQUALITY. Gender is not taken into account in the team. It’s the person that matters, their skills...

I feel fully motivated 💪 If someone is in bad shape, straightaway there are three colleagues who are HELPING them. When something comes up, WE DISCUSS IT and resolve it.

I used to change companies because I didn't feel 100% COMFORTABLE in personal, technical or social awareness; and here I do. We have a lot of initiative.

Our colleagues really TEACH us. It's great to work somewhere where there are a lot of people you can learn from. 🐕🎤🧠

At the same time, the organisation chart is horizontal. I think that's why people take RESPONSIBILITY.

I feel responsible because subconsciously I am the face of the company. The priority here is how you feel, but at the grassroots level, we all share that responsibility. Here you feel more responsible for your work because you are fully TRUSTED 🙌.

I had no responsibility at the other company. Here yes. We are all moving in the same direction. 👍

Are you knockin' on Lean Mind's Door?

Go ahead, we are looking for you

If you are a rock star...

For the more senior profiles, we value your tact, emotional stability, and resources for turning situations from adverse to advantageous. Your leadership skills. People who come with initiative to increase the value of the company both qualitatively and economically. Who have read several books on principles and techniques from this list. You devour books, participate in conferences, and help out at community events. You write a blog and/or contribute articles to other online portals. You support those starting out in this profession. It doesn’t have to be all of these at the same time, of course. Just to get an idea of the profile.

If you are an emerging artist

For the more junior profiles we value desire, intrinsic motivation, initiative, humility, honesty, and respect. Open-mindedness. Not only are you willing to learn but also are enthusiastic to share, teach and help others.

Do not come to the company with the sole expectation of receiving but also with the desire to contribute. People who love their work.

If you like what you've read, write to us

Tell us why you want to be a part of Lean Mind and send us your CV. In [this podcast](http:google) we give you some clues as to what we expect.

Rehearsal Room

The first interview

We worked side by side for at least an hour. We program on your laptop, with the environment that is most comfortable for you, with your favourite language. It is about having the experience of solving a problem and for both parties to assess whether we want to work together.

We do our best to make you relax and work as you usually do, searching StackOverflow, discussing... It is not a test... If you tell us that your level of English is "intermediate" or "advanced", the conversation will be in English.

If you are finishing your studies...

Do you want to do an internship at Lean Mind?

We have collaboration agreements with the ULL and ULPGC universities in the Canaries and with vocational training centres such as CIFP César Manrique, IES Las Galletas and CIFP Villa de Agüimes.

We are part of the Talented Europe network.

Our purpose is to help you understand our profession and the working world of the industry from the point of view of Lean Mind's vision and values.

We call you an apprentice because your mission during your internship is purely to learn. We provide you with study material, books, online courses, internal company documents, access to our exclusive internal online training platform (Grow) and, above all, a guide so that you can ask questions.

The 10 commandments of our internship programme

  1. You will write in your blog

    We ask you to blog what you are learning, summarise the books you read and upload code exercises to your GitHub account. We help you to start working on your personal brand.

  2. Practice Pair/Mob programming

    As you build up your knowledge base, we invite you to participate in our pair programming and mob programming sessions on real projects and to attend client meetings to learn non-technical aspects as well.

  3. Make mistakes

    At no point are you responsible for the actual projects moving forward, or even writing code for them.

  4. Work on "pet projects" 🐈🐈🐈

    You work on personal projects and internal company products in order to be exposed to the real technologies we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

  5. Sign up for talks and workshops

    Participate in internal workshops and talks together with other members of the company.

  6. Work remotely

    Internships are carried out remotely most of the time. For people who are on the island of Tenerife, we advise them to come to the office one day a week to work from there. For those who live on other islands, we invite you to come at least once during your internship.

  7. Release your proactivity

    We like curiosity, a willingness to learn, discipline and proactivity. This is the only way to get the most out of these months in the company.

  8. Introduce yourself, tell us about yourself

    The selection process consists of sending us an email with a statement of intent, telling us why you are motivated to do an internship with us. It is essential that you know how to program in at least two different programming languages and that you love programming.

  9. Turn your camera on

    We hold a brief videoconference to get to know each other and resolve any doubts you may have about the process. We recommend that students from the same school do the internship in pairs, because this way there is more collaboration and they practice more teamwork and pair programming.

  10. Manage your expectations

    Doing an internship with us is not a guarantee of employment. We have two to six trainees coming every year and the growth of our company is not that fast. It is important to have this clear expectation, although it is also true that we help them find employment in other companies according to their abilities and our possibilities.

We boost the professional growth of your development team