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We value more actitud than knowledge. We look for people who engage with our values and principles, those who resonate with our philosofy. People who get excited with our team culture, willing to share, learn, teach, lead and give their best version when things get tough. We look for those who share our sense of effort in order to make our customers' dreams come true.

From the junior profiles we value their desire, intrinsic motivation, initiative, humbleness, honesty, respect. Open minds. Not only willingness to learn but also to teach, share and help others. Not only with the expectation to receive but to contribute. People who love their job.

From the senior profiles we in addition value emotional intelligence, resourceful people who are able to turn tough situations into advantages. Leadership. People who come up with the initiative to increase the value of the company, both in qualitative and economic terms. That have read many of the books in this list on principles and techniques. That eat books for breakfast, speak at conferences, help with community events, write a blog or contribute to other Internet sites with articles.

Please don't send us your CV but your LinkedIn profile or your personal site. We are specilly interested in reading from you, please tell us about you and your value proposition, why do you want to join us? what's your gift for the team?

The interview process is all about working together, for at least one hour. We code on your laptop, in your preferred environment and programming language, with your tools. The goal is to experience the feeling of working together so that both parties can see whether they like it or not. We try our best to make you feel comfortable so that you can work as you usually do, searching StackOverflow, having a discussion... it's not an exam. Our advise to interviewees is to behave naturally and being honest. If you tell us that your English level is "average" o "advanced", the conversation will happen in English. And the same happens for Spanish. We need people who understand both Spanish and English.

Lean Mind is a Canary Islands based company. Right now we work remotely 3 or 4 days a week but it's really important for us to meet in person at least one day. This could change in the future but for now we need people who live in Tenerife or Gran Canaria or are willing to relocate to the islands.

We are a young, service based company that wants to pay the highest salaries possible to employees. We are transparent with our finances like very few others are. Despite of our will, we can't compete with successful product based companies in the big cities, in terms of salaries. Lean Mind is definitely not the place to come to improve your current gross pay. Most of our colleagues joined us without the need for a raise in their fomer salary which was a profound declaration of intentions.

If you have read all the way to here, please contact us, take the leap.