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Quotes from the team

Yes 👌 there is gender equity, we are all treated equally because what matters is the people and their skills and capabilities.

I am super motivated 💪 Here when a colleague is having difficulties, there are quickly other three colleagues offering support and help. When there is any issue we talk about it to solve it quickly.

I used to change employers because I didn't feel 100% comfortable personally or professinally or I was missing values in those companies... but here I do feel comfortable. Carlos' got a lot ot initiative.

Carlos taught us indeed. He's our leader becase we like how he thinks. 🐕🎤🧠

And at the same time the organizational chart is flat. I believe this is why people are acccountable and responsible.

I feel responsible because unconciously I know we are the company's emblem. Carlos prioritizes our well-being and we all feel accountable and responsible. You will feel fully trusted 🙌

I didn't have any liability at former employers but here I do. We all row in the same direction. 👍

Are you knockin'On Lean Mind Door?

Go ahead, we are looking for you

If you are a rockstar...

What we expect and value from senior crafters is their soft skills, their emotional intelligence, and resources to turn difficult situations into opportunities. Their leadership skills. We want people who bring initiatives to help us grow as an organisation and as a business. Those who have read many books on best practices, design principles, testing, clean code, architecture, and soft skills. We search for those whoread, but also attend to conferences or help organise community events. People who write a blog or write for other websites. Who enjoy supporting and mentoring junior programmers. We don't expect a single individual to gather all these qualities, it's just to give you a rough idea of we would like to find.

If you are a best new artist

From junior developers we value their willingness to learn and collaborate. Their intrinsic motivation, initiative, humility, honesty, and respect. We search for open-minded people, who are enthusiastic about knowledge-sharing, teaching and helping others.

We want people who want to contribute despite of having little professional experience, people who love their work.

Do you like what you are reading here?, contact us.

Please tell us why you want to become a Lean Minder, together with your CV.

The rehearsal studio

The first interview

We will spend at least one hour working together, programming together on your machine, using your preferred tools and environment so that you are comfortable. It's all about living the experience of working together, solving problems together, so that both parties may taste how it could feel to be teammates.

We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will be able to Google anything your need, copy from StackOverflow, discuss,... because it's not an exam.

Are you an intern?

Do you want to join us for your internship?

We are part of the Talented Europe network.

Our purpose is to help you understand our craft and the software industry from our point of view, standing on our values.

You will be "an apprentice" rather than "an intern" because your mission during your internship will be to learn and practice, not to work on real projects for customers. We will provide you with training materials such as books and online courses as well as access to our internal training platforms. More importantly, you will be able to ask questions and get support from the team.

The 10 commandments of our apprenticeship program

  1. Write a blog

    Write a blog with your learned lessons. Summaries of book chapters and code exercises that you will upload to Github. Others will help you work on your personal brand.

  2. Pair & Mob with the team

    As you acquire more knowledge you'll be invited to join pair/mob programming sessions in real projects. You will also be invited to meetings with customers to learn about non-technical aspects of the profession.

  3. Make mistakes

    You will never be held accountable for the evolution of a real project, you will not contribute code to our customer's repositories.

  4. Work on "pet projects" 🐈🐈🐈

    Work on personal projects and also on our internal products so that you get the chance to work with the same technologies that we do.

  5. Attend to workshops

    Join us for workshops and talks together with the other members of the company.

  6. Work remote

    Most of the time the work is remote, apprentices work from home. Those living in Tenerife are encouraged to work from the office one day a week to meet in person.

  7. Be proactive

    We look for the kind of apprentices that are curious and willing to learn, disciplined and proactive, to make the most of their time with us.

  8. Introduce yourself

    The selection process starts with an email where you tell us why you are excited to join us, what's your motivation. Candidates must know how to code in at least two different programming languages, we hope you love programming.

  9. Turn on the camera

    After the email we'll see each other via video call and answer questions and chat.

  10. Bring a friend

    We recommend that apprentices join us in pairs when people come from the same institution so that they can support each other.

  11. Manage your expectations

    The internship with us does not guarantee that you'll be hired after some time. Every year there are between two and six people coming for the internship and our growth is not that fast. However, we are happy to help you find other employers if your attitude and skills are appropriate.

We promote the professional growth of your dev team