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Sustainable Coding


Learn how to write maintainable code and how to collaborate with your peers. For code to be maintainable, it has to be simple and well tested. In this training you will discover or revisit design principles, patterns and techniques, backed by values and principles. Unit+Integration testing, TDD, refactoring… plus practical exercises on communication and team work. Our ambitious goal is to enrich your toolbelt so that you’ll be more productive, happy and valuable as a software professional.

The knowledge gathered in this training is timeless.


This training may be delivered in-person or remotely, but it’s synchronous in any case, because the work is done in pairs or in groups. The interaction among the participants is what makes it unique. This training is all about sharing and learning together, it’s the place where actual networking happens. Very little theory and lots of hands-on deliberate practice, it’s fun.

Programming Languages

Several programming languages are used throughout the course, but you do not have to be an expert in any of them. Please bring your laptop ready to work with in JavaScript, TypeScript and Java. Depending on the background of each cohort group, we may well use C#, Kotlin or Python too. After your registration, we’ll ask you what are your preferred languages and tools. The focus will be on the fundamental principles, patterns and techniques, applicable in pretty much any language.


The contents of the book are based on the book, Código Sostenible, by Carlos Blé:

Isn’t this too much? The goal is not to become an expert in all the items above, but to discover them and to integrate principles and values into your daily practice. This is the beginning of a more impactful career path.

How to book it

For open to the public training courses, book your spot via our shop in Spain or in the US. For in-house company training for teams, please contact us at contacto@leanmind.es and tell us about you, your goals and needs.

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