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Sustainable Coding - Training Course

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May 25 and 26 (in English) Remind me later

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Josep Bocanegra avatar Josep Bocanegra

Carlos' profound expertise is taught with fun and warmth. The training was a milestone in my understanding of what quality software means.

Jessica Aguado avatar Jessica Aguado

The training was definitely a milestone in my career. Prior to it, I didn't want to write any tests. I used to consider testing a waste of time. Throughout the training, I discovered how much testing matters to reduce bugs and to write maintainable code, easy to refactor without fear... Moreover, writing tests has become one of the most fun tasks in my daily routine as a developer. Thank you!

Who is this workshop for?

This is a training for software developers. Actually, anyone who knows to code will benefit a great deal from this workshop.

Some attendees will buy the training themselves, whilst others will be sent by their employers - their company will cover the expenses. In any case, attendees will be eager to learn, to share and to have fun.

What is it for?

This is to learn how to write maintainable code, simple code backed up by solid suites of automated tests. It’s also a training to learn how to work as a team, and how to bring the principles and practices to your organization.

Together will explore why the code gets messier and messier over time and how to avoid it. There will lessons on how to work effectively with legacy code.

Throughout the two days, you will learn about crucial real skills, such us communication, collaboration and leadership.

The goal is to provide you with tools for the real world

In-person & open to the public

This is a fun, energizing, motivational, hands-on workshop, in-person. Open to the public workshops are very special, they tend to gather enthusiastic professionals from different companies. It’s a great opportunity to do actual networking with other people who care about writing code that lasts, it’s easy to read, to understand and to change.

Small blocks of theory are followed by practical exercises performed in pairs or mob. It’s an unforgettable experience, full or learning. You’ll learn a lot from the instructors, but also from other participants, about the tooling and the techniques.

Two full-days of deliberate practice including coffee breaks and lunch together. An immersive experience for those who will level up as software professionals.

The one and only

This is the first time Lean Mind delivers a workshop in the US, it’s a unique opportunity. Honestly, we don’t know whether there will ever be other editions.


The contents of the workshop are based on the book, Código Sostenible, by Carlos Blé - one of the instructors:

Isn’t this too much? The goal is not to become an expert in all the items above, but to discover them and to integrate principles and values into your daily practice. This is the beginning of a more impactful career path.

Laid off?

Thousands of people are affected by the layoffs in the IT industry, we want to support those who have lost their job. If that is your case, we would like to offer you a 50% discount in our training. If you can’t afford it, we invite you to come for free. The training will help you level up and find the next job. Please email us and tell us your case.


8th Light training venue - to be determined soon.

Aida Albarrán avatar Aida Albarrán

My training with Carlos Blé and his team was a before and after in my career. Before that, my knowledge of clean code was nil and, although I knew it was important, I didn't know where to start. I knew it was important, but I didn't know how to go about it. Thanks to what Carlos Blé's team taught me, I was able to apply best practices in development and I saw how they have been facilitating my day to day work. I'm not going to lie to you, on many occasions, my head exploded, because sometimes I was dealing with very abstract concepts that, without having a clear theory, are difficult to understand, but if you accompany this training with some study on your part, it will help you a lot and you will see that companies will also value you better. because, whether we like it or not, good practices are often absent.

Ana Carmona avatar Ana Carmona

Attending to a training with one of the top most experts in TDD in the country, is mind blowing. The training was a milestone for your team. The fact that it was well adapted to our needs, daily tasks and stack, was very appreciated. This is a special training to discover essential principles and mindset, Carlos achieved all of that and more.

Meet your instructors


8th Light

8th Light is a global team of software, design and technology professionals, with offices in Chicago, LA, NY, Austin, and London. Our friends at 8th Light Chicago will be hosting the workshop in their training venue and bringing people from their teams.

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Luis Rodriguez avatar Luis Rodriguez

LeanMind courses are full of knowledge that can be applied from day one in the project you are working on. They are 100% practical and focused on solving real problems. Having Carlos Blé as an instructor, with his extensive and prolifit professional career in which he has had to face all kinds of challenges, they are a guarantee of success. These courses are a great help to improve as a programmer. They are really recommended.

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