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Advanced Refactoring


Learn how to improve the readability and design of code without breaking it. Learn how to translate the knowledge acquired by developers about the business into code. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience with refactoring techniques to convert complex legacy code into code that looks green field (new). On the other hand, for a new project’s code to maintain its freshness over time, a series of high ROI refactorings need to be applied on a daily basis. In this course we work from the perspective of a new project, as well as from that of a legacy project.

This is a course for companies, so that team members (or members of several teams) can train together and, in addition to everything they have learnt, also get to know each other better and become more united.


In this course we rely heavily on the IDEs that offer the most refactoring options: IntelliJ, Rider, and Visual Studio + Resharper. The ideal languages are therefore Java and C#, followed by Kotlin. The course can also be done with other languages, in which case the duration is shorter because there are fewer automatic refactorings to work on.


The courses are attendance-based and remote. In other words, we all meet in a virtual classroom via video call where we see each other via cameras. The total duration is 16 hours, which can be divided into two intensive course days or into 3 or 4 hour sessions, whichever suits the team best. The courses are fully practical, there is little time devoted to theory. Ideally, they should be done within working hours because doing them as an extra after work would mean that many people would not be able to keep up.

Unlike massive online courses, our face-to-face training allows teachers and participants to interact in real time, being able to make suggestions or corrections in-situ.


Course attendees receive a copy of the Refactoring book, in digital or paper format. During the course we emphasise the following blocks:


Training is subsidised by The Spanish Government (Fundae), for Spanish companies taking the course.

How to book it

Please write to us at contacto@leanmind.es telling us your reasons for doing the course, your context, as well as the language you would like to use, the dates that suit you and the most convenient times for you.

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