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Ulises Santana Suárez

Software Developer


I am motivated by solving problems through technology. Making everyday life easier for people and companies. This allows me to continuously learn new technologies and ways to solve problems.


Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS.

Frameworks/Libraries: AngularJS, React, Fastify, Express, Oclif, Gatsby, Jest, Mocha, testing-library, Cypress, Storybook.

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis.

Infrastructure: Docker, Docker Swarm, Portainer, Rancher.


Assisted: JSDay Canarias 2017, Global Day of Coderetreat Canarias 2017, PythonDay 2017, Socracan 2018, JSConf EU 2018, NodeCONF EU 2018, JSDay Canarias 2018, Global Day of Coderetreat Canarias 2018, React Europe 2019, CSSconf EU 2019, JSConf EU 2019, AdaLoversConf 2019, JSDay Canarias 2019, NodeCONF EU 2019, Global Day of Coderetreat Canarias 2019, Socracan 2020, React Summit 2020 (Online).

Participated: Global Day of Coderetreat Canarias 2019 (Coorganizador), JSConf EU 2018 (Charla).

Sponsored: Global Day of Coderetreat Canarias 2019, PyDay Gran Canaria 2019, JSDay Canarias 2018, JSDay Canarias 2019.


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