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Iván Santos González

Software Developer


In the world of software, what moves me most is to provide solutions to problems, whether they are mine or other people’s, and to be constantly learning. In my personal life, I love everything related to sport.


Criptography, Android, Kotlin, Java, .Net, backend in general, Vue, Javascript, Machine Learning basic stuff, IoT I do some stuff but more as a hobby.


As a speaker: Technological I think only in several issues of TLP INNOVA both summer como winter, II congreso de estudiantes de Ingeniería Informática Universidad de La Laguna y hackron 2019. Of research in cryptography many, many RECSI various editions, UCAmI several editions, Innovate-Data 2018, ICDS18, UBICOMM 2017.

As an assistant: Google I/O 2017, Google I/O 2019, Google Cloud Next 2018, several Py Birras, several TLP INNOVA, several JS Days, AdaloversConf 2019.


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