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Sara Revilla Báez

Software Developer


I am a person motivated by curiosity and continuous improvement, as my greatest passion is learning. In my free time I read and study about diverse topics ranging from linguistic relativism to modernist goldsmithing, including genealogy, feminism and music. I enjoy teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration.


  • Programming languages: Python, R, JavaScript/TypeScript, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Algorithm Design Techniques and Computational Complexity.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Big Data: Python, pandas, R.
  • Web development: Flask, Hugo.
  • Databases: relational and non-relational, SQL, MongoDB, sqlite.
  • Version control: Git, GitHub, GitLab.
  • Testing and TDD: Jest, pytest, assertpy.
  • Others: Docker, AWS, Airflow, NodeJS.

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