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Francisco Mesa

Software Developer


Helping people reach their goals and using technology as an enabler to reach new goals. Communicating the use of technology appropriately is part of success.


TypeScript, NodeJS, Java, Nginx, Apache2, MySQL, SQL, SQL optimisation, MS SQL, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, SEO, WPO, web analytics, performance tuning, copy, product development, data analysis. Experience using Python, Docker and BD tools.

Further information

  • Seven seasons co-presenting technology and entrepreneurship space on El Día TV.
  • Six seasons presenting the weekly one-hour programme Conéctate al Día.
  • Author of hundreds of articles related to digital culture, entrepreneurship and technology since 2004.
  • Presentations in several Tenerife schools about technological trends, over several years.
  • Participant in the episode Tecnología de vanguardia en Canarias (Cutting-edge technology in the Canary Islands) in the documentary series Canarias Conciencia on RTVC autonomous TV. 2021.
  • Winner by popular vote of the award “Hacedores del cambio”, organised by the radio programme “Factoría de Emprendedores” and the consulting firm Transversalia, 2019.
  • Author of Emprendedor@s de Canarias, 2017.
  • Presentation of the book Emprendedor@s de Canarias in the main hall of Cabildo Insular, 2017.
  • Master in Big Data & Business Analytics, EOI, 2017.
  • Judge at IV Startup Weekend Tenerife, 2016.
  • Moderation of round tables: such as presenting the results of doctoral theses at the University-Business debate, Startup Europe Week Tenerife, meeting of the ICT sector with the President of the Island Council, several years.
  • Training lecture in the intensive LINC programme, ‘Leadership, Innovation and Creativity’. 2016.
  • Presenter of the TSP Tenerife Startup Party at TLP Tenerife 2016.
  • Judge at the Visionarios Awards of the Cabildo insular de Tenerife, 2015.
  • Speaker at the conference “How to create global businesses from Tenerife”, organised by the start-up pre-accelerator LaunchTF, 2015.
  • Lecture Entrepreneurs + Entrepreneurs, building a real ecosystem at the conference “How to create global businesses from Tenerife” held at the Fyde Cajacanarias Foundation and organised by the LaunchTF start-up pre-accelerator programme of the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna. 2015.
  • Speaker on web analytics at #SocialMediaTF15, 2015.
  • Speaker at the I Student Conference on Computer Engineering, University of La Laguna, 2015.
  • Lecturer at the Universidad Europea de Canarias for the Postgraduate Course on Social Networks and Community Management, 2013.

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