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Fran Palacios

Software Developer


I am motivated by learning and building new things whether they are physical or digital. I graduated as a software engineer in 2017 and haven’t stopped learning since then, my interests are football, blockchain, and of course frontend development, I am looking forward to making the jump to web3 developer!

I’m a team player, I enjoy working on pairing sessions or even mob programming with the team. I’m also interested in following best practices when creating software.


I have experience in C#, Java, Python, SQL, and Mongo but I haven’t touched them for several years. Regarding my experience, I have worked with different technologies as a full-stack developer but during my last years I have been more focused, and where I feel more comfortable is as a frontend developer. Writing typescript code with the usual frameworks like React, Vue, or even Angular.


  • JSDay Canarias 2018 and 2019
  • JS Night 2019

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