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Workshop: Inner Team Talent Tools

By Carlos Blé Jurado

We are happy to count on Rosa Elvira Gonzalez as our psychologist and coach at Lean Mind. She’s been running workshops and team activities for us since the beginning of our company. From team building activities to emotional intelligence training, one-on-one meetings and much more.

In the middle of the lock down, we wanted to support our customers with the difficulties they may have working from home, the uncertainty and the distress caused by the circumstances. We decided to create an online workshop for them to connect with each other and specially for individuals to connect with their inner talents, strengths each person possess. We know it’s not very common for IT companies to call on a psychologist or coach for support, but for us, mental health and strength is very important.

Rosa Elvira named this workshop Inner Team Talent Tools.

This workshop give us tools “to surf” difficult waves, to become more flexible and productive. It’s intended to connect ourselves with the best resources. To learn how to create emotional balance at “high tides” and evaporate blockages. To discover how to be a resource within ourselves and inside our team. Expanding our strengths, activating the best nature of professionals and teams in times of challenge. To connect to workable patterns which offers more resilient professionals and organizational approaches.

The workshop happens on Zoom, it lasts 90 minutes and we ask participants to open up their cameras and place them in front of their eyes.

We have been giving away the workshop for free to our customers. Given the success of the workshop we are now offering it as a service to any other IT company that wants to invest in the wellness of their team. Please contact us if you would like to run this training in your company. We run the training in Spanish or in English.

Published on 2020/06/01 by

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