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Deno is the new Node?

By Daniel Ramos Acosta

About 3 months ago, Ryan Dahl (the inventor of Node.js) gave a talk in JSConf called “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”, were he regrets several design decisions he took over Node.js. About during the half of his talk, he showed us an experimental prototype called Deno that aimed to fix Node.js problems.

Deno has reached v0.1 and I think that it’s on the right way to replace Node.js in the future.

What are the main issues with Node.js?

Any program can write to the filesystem and the network This might be a security problem, especially when intalling untrusted packages from npm. The crossenv incident is an example. If crossenvhad not had writing permissions, this would not have happened.

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Source: https://medium.com/lean-mind/deno-node-js-killer-718c8969770b
Published on 2018/09/18 by
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Daniel Ramos Acosta


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