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Code with me - Plugin pairing for IntelliJ

By Rubén Zamora

Code with me is a new functionality that JetBrains has recently brought like a novelty to IntelliJ. It is a plugin that allows us to pair programming with more than one partner, as if we were writing in Google Docs in a collaborative way.

It is still noticeable that it is new because there are functionalities like the refactor with keyboard shortcuts that are not still supported, but it is very confortable to use.

How to start

Download IntelliJ and install the plugin code with me.


Once you have installed it you have to enable a session by clicking on the window, and from there, click on Enable Access and Copy Invitation Link.


There is the link that will be copy at the clipboard.


And them we pass this on to our partner with whom we are going to develop so that a guest version of IntelliJ can be downloaded.

The invited person must open a browser where he will put the copied link that we have passed him so that the IDE begins to download.


And that´s all, we can now work together at the same project. 🎉🎉

Image gif


This new functionality left us with a good feeling because is a great start to this desired feature by JetBreans. Although there are many things to improve, it is possible to work comfortably with the plugin, now that we have been working remotely for so long time.


Things to improve

Some features to mention

More information:

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