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Answers to your questions on TDD and testing

By Carlos Blé Jurado

I published my humble book on TDD in Spanish nine years ago. I started writing it around this time, ten years ago. I definitely want to publish an updated revision of the book fixing the many mistakes I made into it, using examples that are more concise and even using JavaScript for some of them rather than C#.

Hopefully 2019 will be the year to launch the new edition, this time on Lean Pub so that it will be easy to read on e-readers like Kindle. I also would like to write another short book on TDD and a book on BDD, both also in Spanish. During all these years there have been readers of my book asking me questions by email regarding mocking techniques and many other frequently asked questions. Unfortunately I haven’t published a FAQ and I don’t have the time to answer all those emails in depth. The good news is that answers to all those questions and more have been written by other people in the community. I would like to share several forums where you can find everything you need to keep progressing with TDD and with testing in general.

Some of these forums seems to be dead but the subscribers are still there, if you don’t find your question already answered, feel free to post it yourself. I am pretty sure people will be happy to help. And thanks for reading! ;-)

Published on 2019/01/02 by

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